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Acid / Electro

Klasse Wrecks presents a sampler of Luca Lozano's recent 'Man of Science' album. Previously only available on CD.. Putting together four of the most successful and sought-after tracks on one 12" disc!
Klasse Wrecks comes storming out the gate in 2023 with a new EP from Mr. Ho, 'Angel Number 909'. Giving up three versions of the track, with the over-riding element being a catchy acidic synthline.
Legendary and genre-defining Detroit label Metroplex Records reissue 'No UFO's' a benchmark of Detroit/Techno and Electro. Futurist transmissions from techno's ground zero that started the genre.
Descend into the vast underwater world of Naarm producer LOIF. Four tracks of varying liquid moods which illustrate LOIF's versatility and tendency to hop between techno, electro, bass & breaks.
A cornucopic vision rooted in the decay of dance music from one of Australia's most distinct yet understated musical voices Andras for Tim Sweeneys Beats In Space.
Reissue of 1994 Ambient Acid trip by Cologne Acid Techno heroes Walker & Khan (originally on legendary Mille Plateaux) - Tip!
Interdimensional journeys lay ahead as Volruptus lands on трип with a 5-track tour of his alternate electro fuelled reality.
Clone Classic Cuts survey Adam Lee Miller’s former project with Ian R. Clark, namely Le Car, in a comprehensive 21 track set of Detroit electro brings served ice cold and as sharp as ever.
Acid purism by one of the world's leading sound archeologists in dance music Luke Vibert, written entirely on three pieces of vintage analogue gear, a Roland TB-303, a TR-808 drum machine and a JX3P.
An absolute neck twister that majestically blends Acid House, UK Bleeps & West Coast Style Hip-Hop with refined, delicate & grimey production techniques. It's a smile & groove attracting cross-over fit for House/Techno as well as R'n'B/Hip-Hop floors. B-side takes the tempo up, electro-fying & advancing beat programming, while portioning dark, well harmonizing & climaxing sections of melodies.
For the last 3 years SJ Tequilla (Naota Matsuda) and Aaty Matoba have been a regular but hidden fixture in Berlin's underground music scene. You may have caught them at their regular spot in a dark tunnel next to the sprawling Ostkreuz station in Kreuzberg, lucky to sneak a quick listen before the cops came in and shut things down yet again. Armed only with an electrical generator, a 606, 303 and various dub echo delay units the pair have slowly been refining their Teknobusker project into quite a special thing. Proving that creativity blooms best when using a limited set of tools, the SJ Teknobuskers music is gritty and dark but also retains an important sense of humour. WRECKS029 was recorded between the years 2018-2019 and does a deft job in capturing a flavour of the rhythms, tones and squelches that echoed down the tunnels during Berlin's endless summers.Klasse Wrecks · WRECKS029 SJTEKNOBUSKERS EP
Evocative and spooky contemporary prog psychedelics from TFGC affiliates, Mekine U Teksi. Taking the sounds and influences from their first record to fetishist levels..ESSENTIAL.
The Worldwide Connection compilation finally touches down! New and mainly unknown artists from all over the globe gather on this stacked double LP of early 90s House / Techno revivalism.