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KFAX4 Logos of the Early Computer Software Scene

KFAX4 Logos of the Early Computer Software Scene
KFAX4 Logos of the Early Computer Software SceneKFAX4 Logos of the Early Computer Software SceneKFAX4 Logos of the Early Computer Software SceneKFAX4 Logos of the Early Computer Software Scene

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KFAX4 Logos of the Early Computer Software Scene





KFAX4 Logos of the Early Computer Software Scene, the graphic arts alter ego of Luca Lozano provides the fourth in Klasse Wrecks’ KFAX zine series. KFAX4 is a follow up to the record label logo collection of KFAX3 and is manifested via a 70 page, 10x14cm risograph printed, red glue bound booklet. For this collection, has delved deep into the obscure and unlikely field of computer software company logos of the 70s and 80s. A burgeoning and undeveloped scene, the 300+ logos are often naive and amateurish in quality and look and provide the perfect follow up to the similar logos in the previous zine. Be sure to back-up that brain as halfway through the zine gets ‘hacked’ and overtaken by logos and graphics from the underground hacker and warez scene!!

Measuring at 10x14cm and printed on 70 g/m² EOS bible print paper and with red glue binding.


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During the early 90s, Jean-Louis Huhta aka electronic musician Dungeon Acid would visit London to catch the live and DJ performances of early Techno artists such as Carl Craig and Baby Ford. In the hours before the events he would walk the streets of the capital taking in the usual sights and sounds that travellers and tourists would enjoy. However, his exploration of the city went a little deeper than most, he began to notice the colourful and simple calling cards of sex-workers that were plastered all over the inside of the iconic red London telephone boxes that populated the areas surrounding the centers tube stations. Over the years Jean-Louis would add to his collection with various visits to the capital and still to this day trades the cards and collects them whenever he finds them. KFAXXX revisits his substantial collection over 100+ pages printed on a variety of coloured paper with coloured ink that replicates the duotones of the original cards.KFAXXX serves as an archive of the crude and archaic design practices of the early 90s, safeguarding the imperfect fonts and illustrations that were used widely throughout the underground.110 pages, measuring at 10x14cm and printed on yellow, pink and white 80 g/m² EOS paper with pink glue binding
8 x 11” black and white printing with Pantone CMS 877C accents on front and back covers, 28 pages. Edition of 3,000.Contributors:Participating contributors and artists include Aaron Clark, Ari Robey-Lawrence, Ash Lauryn, Barbie Bertich, Cesar Toribio, Cy X, Gavilán Rayna Russom, Heidi Sabertooth, Hue Hallums, Kristin Malossi, Mauro Baiocco, Nathaniel Jay, Paul Raffaele, Rich Medina, Ron Like Hell, Ryan Smith, Tad Hayes, Terrence Edgerson, The Carry Nation. Designed by Paul Raffaele. Photos by Guarionex Rodriguez Jr.Features:- 10 Years of Wrecked: Q&A with Ron Like Hell & Ryan Smith by Kristin Malossi- Q&A with Rich Medina by Cesar Toribio- Q&A with Synth Library NYC ft. Cy X & Heidi Sabertooth- Bandcamp Charts June 2021- Chosen Family: A Halloquium Conversation Part II ft. Ash Lauryn, Gavilán Rayna Russom, Ari Robey-Lawrence- ACIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! By Adam X excerpt from Under One Sky, Oct '92- Love Notes From A Displaced New Yorker by Nathaniel Jay- "Spaces & Places: Re-opening" by Love Injection Staff
The 12th episode in the KFAX series swoops in from London based designers Studio AKA. Throughout the later half of the 20th century organisations have sprung up to share information about UFO sightings and other worldly visitors, these small and fiercely independent groups communicated pre-internet via mailing lists and homemade zines. Self diagnosed experts bestowed wisdown upon loyal readers, enraptured with stories of flying saucers and big eyed little green men. Organisations such as Skywatch, Merseyside UFO Bulletin, UFO-VISION and Strange Universe set up shop to expose the cover ups and spread the word that we are indeed, not alone. KFAX12 compiles the logos of these organisations together in a first of its kind archive.Over 100 pages, measuring at 10x14cm with risographed black ink on white 80 g/m² EOS paper with glow-in-the-dark glue binding.Comes with FREE DOWNLOAD of the KFAX12 MIXTAPE: RADIO WEIRD by Mr. Ho + Luca Lozano.Tracklist:Overlords of the UFO - ImagineBassheads - Is There Anybody Out There?Earth People - Reach Up To Mars_(Martian Mix)Cabaret Voltaire - UFOPete Namlook - Sequential - 05 Saturn CruisesLinea Albea - SpacetravelDBX - SpacetalkNine L - Houston, We Have A Problem (Day Five)I-F - Space Invaders are smoking grassAlien - Temple (Alien mix)Alien FM - Journey's dubModel 500 - No UFOs (D's mix)
Oversized fit, we recommend going a size down.Heavy weight cotton, 280 GSM, Wide neck ribbing, ribbed cuffs, side seamed, double needle hems. Preshrunk to minimise shrinkage. Made in Bangladesh, Printed in Melbourne.Model is 6ft / 182cm and is wearing size MEDIUM.