Benjamin Lew ‎– Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isolé
An unmissable invitation to peruse the poetically oneiric music of Benjamin Lew, extended by two of Belgium’s finest labels; Stroom and Crammed Discs.

Compiled by Brecht Van Dingenen and Ziggy Devriendt, ‘Le Personnage Principal Est un Peuple Isolé’ unfurls a sublime drift through Benjamin Lew’s singular sound world, where crystalline, analog computerised electronics meet a plethora of instrumental voices from the early ‘80s Belgian firmament; including among them his Tuxedomoon collaborator Steven Brown and Blaine L. Reininger, plus Vini Reilly, Marc Hollander, Samy Birnbach and many more. We long suspected that Stroom would apply their expert curatorial skills to Lew’s oeuvre and it’s safe to say the results do not disappoint, surveying Lew’s music in all it’s stately, esoetric, and worldly splendour.