Far Away Tapes - Mind Fair

Dear discerning listener,We are absolutely honoured to be invited back for our second Far Away tape and hope that you will enjoy this mix as much as our previous offering.We've dug even deeper into our crates to bring you a more varied selection that encompasses a wide range of musical styles, represented by some of our very favourite records. Our now infamous Rotation parties allow us to play across the musical board for an extended period of time and our aim with this mix has been to capture the spirit and essence of those parties within the confines of an old school plastic cassette. The theme for the first tape was a story of love, this time it’s a story of a love for the dancefloor.All recorded in one town, in one take and in one night………..Mind Fair, 2016.Recorded live using..2 x Technics Sl1200 Mk2 turntables Rega arms Nagaoka carts Graham slee phono stages Bozak cma 10 2 DL pre amp / mixer Prima Luna prologue premium valve amp Kef ls50 speakers Isotek power conditioningComes with Download Code*Free Shipping*