Graffitti Tapes #9 Club No No
Graffitti Tapes #9 Club No No Graffitti Tapes #9 Club No No

Grafiti Tapes 9 features experimental noise/techno artist Snorre Magnar Solberg, the creative mind behind the label and musical project Club No-No.Hailing from the frozen climes of Norway, Snorre has quietly been putting in work for many years and, through his music and art has slowly sculpted himself a unique and individual universe amongst his peers.Grafiti Tapes 9 comprises of 6 individual pieces of music, each exploring the boundaries of noise, soundscapes, ambient and techno. Each side is seamlessly stitched together to provide a fully immersive and total-spectrum listening experience.Limited to 150 copies. Each tape comes with a digital download and fully risograph printed sleeve artwork.*Free Shipping*