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Peace Pipe

Peace Tape IX

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Peace Pipe 9, warm tough house followed by something slower.

"There used to be two rooms, two railway arches maybe, or an old music hall with a long thin bar to one side. Or perhaps a big cavernous main space and a small second room at the top of some concrete steps.

In the first room it was dark, smoke pierced by purple lights, busy and hot, camo nets over the speakers. It was full of people, some dancing in groups some alone. The music thick and blocky, organ stabs with dubby chords, and deep kicks - sometimes joyous, sometimes just utilitarian.

It the second room it’s different, full of blue light. There’s black and white films projected on white walls. People are sitting or lying on cushions able to hear themselves over the music. The sound is dreamy, pretty and repetitive. Dopey pads and soft drums or sometimes no drums at all.

Back and forth between these two looking for friends I came with, or looking for a change. In the end the best part of the night lay somewhere between the two.."

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